Jeanette Paulus

Managing Broker


Windermere Real Estate/West Sound, Inc

9939 Mickelberry Rd. NW

Silverdale, WA 98383

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Office: (360) 692-6102

Mobile: (360) 286-4321

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License Number: 18511

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About Me

I was born in Bremerton and raised in Poulsbo, so I am very familiar with Kitsap County and all the surrounding counties. I have seen Kitsap County go thru all of it's changes and growth spurts from the early 70's 80's 90's all the way to current date. My Mom had a paper route for the Bremerton Sun, so from 3 weeks old to 5 years old I rode in her car from Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston and Hansville delivering papers and bundles 6 days a week. I learned great customer service, responsibility and a strong work ethic at a very early age.
My Dad worked at North Kitsap School District for 33 1/2 years, he taught me so much. Dedication, never to cut corners, and "Do the Job Right the First Time" are just a few.
Growing up with such dedicated parents, who are still together, taught me to Always do the Best Job Possible.
That is why I always have a Positive, Can Do Anything Attitude, with a SMILE :)

Real Estate as my Passion

Both sides of my family moved to Bremerton, for work in the Shipyard. My Grandpa on my Dad's side moved down from Blaine, WA and built his house on Marine Drive for his wife and kids while he worked at PSNS.
My Grandma and Grandpa on my Mom's side traveled across the US from the South so they Both could work in the Shipyard. My Grandma started investing in Real Estate in Bremerton. I remember as a young kid, we would go see her and she would be "working" on one of her Rentals, and when I say "working" that ment everything, all the way to the roofing.
I always liked working in and on houses, so I became an Assistant for a Real Estate Agent in 1999. I worked for him for a year in Silverdale. That was the foundation of my Real Estate career. It was great learning the Contracts inside and out.
I earned my Washington State Real Estate License in early 2000 (60 clock hours). He then was leaving that company so he could join Windermere. That is when I became a New Construction Superintendent. I was hired in 2000 at Mosher Creek in East Bremerton. I finished 10 of the first 20 houses that had been started. I was responsible for everything on the job site from hiring the subs, to building the houses from Foundation to Cleaners. I built the next 20 houses in Phase One of Mosher Creek. My Dad even joined me there and it was such a pleasure working with him.
Then I started Phase 2 of Mosher Creek, and was able to prove myself as the full time Building Superintendent that I was able to re activate my Real Estate License and I also was the Co Listing Agent for the development.
In 2003 I moved over to Issaquah and was a New Construction Superintendent building houses in Bellevue. I was then promoted to the Project Manager, where I hired and trained new Superintendents how to build houses and managed the developments.
In 2004 I spent my weekends going down to Beaverton Oregon and then moved down there in Dec. 2004
I became an Assistant to a team of Real Estate Brokers at Re/Max and enjoyed working in Real Estate there.
I earned my Oregon Real Estate Brokers license in 2005 (which was 150 clock hours, more than double Washington's requirements at the time)
I moved back home to Kitsap County the end of 2005 and was the office manager a small Real Estate company in Poulsbo for 9 months then Joined Windermere in Oct 2006 as a Associate Broker and that is Where I still am today.... As a Full Time Managing Broker.  Managing Broker is my title with my Education and my years of experience however I am not the Office Manager.  I'm a Full Time Real Estate Agent and I am also a Realtor. 

My Life

I started riding motorcycles at 4 1/2 years old. People who drove by my house on Big Valley in the 70's and 80's could see me out on my bike year round, racing the cars as they drove by our field.....
I grew up with a lot of Passion in every aspect of my life. I love animals and think they are just wonderful.
Right now I have the pleasure of being owned by my beautiful Bengal Cat, "Barr-nee" and my Vizsla "Codie j". Barr-nee is 19 years old and he is leashed trained and has been in our local Indianola Days pet parade. Barr-nee is my cuddle muffin who never gets enough of my kisses. Both of them love fresh chicken, beef, fish, seafood and Barr-nee's favorite is fresh local shrimp. Every time my partner Eric goes in the kitchen to cook, he has taste testers standing by talking to him. (Bengals can be very loud when they have something to say)
When we adopted a beautiful firecracker puppy, Codie j.  She took everything they say about the Vizsla breed and doubled it :) she is a Velcro Dog to the Max, who is strong willed and runs not stop until 8pm, then look out she is ready for bed. Codie j is almost 9 years old and is a 56 pound monster baby who still likes to be carried by me, while out on walks :) 
My Passions in life besides Real Estate are: Living Life to the very fullest. Loving with All my Heart. Being Loved by my parents, my partner(Eric), Barr-nee, my Vizsla & my family, Driving, riding motorcycles, (I really like driving and riding my bike fast, but only on the race track :) I've taken my sport bike out to the track a couple times on track day and went over 140 mph on it)
I am working on my Master's Degree in Driving. My next class is down in Las Vegas, and it's Race Car Driving School.
I love the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy riding stand up jetskis, going out for rides in our boat all around Puget Sound. Taking our little boat out crabbing in Indianola. I love the Mountains and LOVE driving in the Snow and going 4 wheeling. I love living in Kitsap County, where we have some of the most gorgeous beaches, salt water and fresh water lakes, views of Mt Baker, Mt Rainier, the Cascade Mountains and the Olympic Mountains. We get to live in a wonderful County that has a country feel and we are only a ferry ride away from Seattle and we have so much to do around here. I love going camping up in the Rain Forest past Forks, WA. and in the summer I love going camping and take our boat, jet ski and my motorcycle to Eastern Washington. I love going to the Washington coast and running in the ocean and really enjoy going down the Oregon coast also.  We also have a retreat home in Kanab Utah so that we can enjoy the National Parks. 
I enjoy shopping at Central Market in Poulsbo and Trader Joe's in any city or state.

My Real Estate Hours

Real Estate is my Lifestyle, not just a job. I am available 7 days a week from 4:00am to 10:00pm
You can Call or Text me at 360-286-4321 anytime or send me a email:
I love working at my office on Floor and meeting new people.
My partner Eric spent 26 years in the military and went right back to work for them after he retired, so I understand the military life and I have a lot of experience with the VA process.
If you are looking to Buy or Sell a house or land, give me a call, 360-286-4321 or email I look forward to working for you and helping you with all your Real Estate needs.
If you just have questions about our area, Call, Text or Email me, I would love to tell you about our area.
Or contact me on Facebook